Clubman's Awards :2017



Sponsors 2017

Let’s not forget our most important people –our sponsors for 2017 – you guys rock.

A great thanks to the staff at WPMC and MSA for the series and all the Marshalls and track team, a thank you, to all of you.

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DTM Nissan.

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ASA Midas,Montague Gardens. 


Class Awards

Winners on for the 2017 season, where:  

A 1 Danie Van Niekerk
  2 Michael Le Sueur
  3 Jean-Michel Masue
B 1 Ewald Weiland
  2 Eugene Kruger
  3 Wayne Wilson
C 1 Ernest Roos
  2 Paul Munnik
  3 Anthony Carstens
D 1 Damien Lopez
  2 Willem Swart
  3 George Neethling
E 1 Jonathan Groenewald
  2 Brendon Moore
  3 Gavin Geldenhuys
F 1 Charlton Taylor
  2 Dillon Jearey
  3 Gilberto Nobrega


DEF Championship 1. Damien Lopez
2. Willem Swart
3. George Neethling
ABC Championship
1. Ernest Roos
2. Danie Van Niekerk
3. Paul Munnik

 Other Awards

Mechanic of the year  Malcolm Saich (New Engineering) 
Driver of the year  Ernest Roos
Clubmans of the year Ian Long 
Team of the year New Engineering 
Best newcomer  Charlton Taylor
Best prep car Jonathan Groenewald 
Stirrer of the year Cedric Burger 
Supporter of the year Gary Flemming/Frankie Heunis 
Hard luck Anthony Carstens 
WPMC award  Elton (towtruck)
Chairman award Clint Rennard
Most improved  Willy Swart 
Clown of the year  Paul Munnick
Spirit of the year Jessie Hugget

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