Clubman's 2014 awards


Sponsors awards
Midas 2 Sean and Dennis
Akwasol 1 Ryan and Stephen Large
g and a promotions 1 Gunter Drotsky
Spur 1 Gavin Cerff
Andre's rubber 1 Andre Zimmermann
dtm renault 1 wayne wilson
dtm nissan 1 wayne wilson
Packaging Solutions 1 Brian Moore
asa midas 1 peter vd poel
executive decisions 1 andre johnson
Metro consulting 1 Junaid Slamang
Parkers motor spares 1 Mansoor Parker
WM Electrical 1 Hayder Mohammed
Million Air 1 Brian Hepburn
Special thanks to 2014 sponsors -  Midas, Spur, Dtm Nissan and Renault, Metro consulting, Akwasol, GA Promotions, ASA Midas,  

            Executive Decisions,Stratos Panels, Parkers Motor Spares, Million Air, Packaging Solutions, Andre's rubber supplies

Special award presented to Peter VD Poel for all his dedication to the section, from all at Clubmans.
Class awards    
A 1 Danie Van Niekerk
  2 Junaid Slamang
  3 Truspe Schoeman
B 1 Gary Manwarring
  2 Wayne Wilson
  3 Gavin Cerff  
C 1 Michael Le Sueur
  2 Alex Johnson
  3 Baby Jacobs
D 1 Eugene Van Zyl
  2 Basie Burger
  3 Chris Van Zyl
E 1 Eric Nel  
  2 Paul Munnick
  3 Rick Kloppers
F 1 Brendon Moore
  2 Cyrill Somerville
  3 Samantha Wilson
Mechanic of the year 1   Juandre Haughton floating trophy
Driver of the year 1   Michael Le Sueur floating trophy
Clubman of the year 1   Ian Long floating trophy
Team of the year   1   Danie Van Niekerk floating trophy
Best newcomer   1   Brendan Moore floating trophy
Best prepared car 1   Jess Huggett floating trophy
Stirrer of the year 1   Junaid Slamang floating trophy
Supporter of the year 1   Vicki V Niekerk  
Hard luck of the year 1   Ewalt Weiland  
WPMC award   1   Des Easom  
Chairman award   1   Clint Rennard  
Most Improved driver 1   Samantha Wilson  
Clown of the year 1   Julian Johnson  
Spirit of the year   1   Hardus Kruger floating trophy
Jnr Champ 1   Eugene Van Zyl    
  2   Brendon Moore    
  3   Eric Nel    
Senior Champ 3   Danie Van Niekerk  
  2   Alex Johnson    
  1   Michael Le Seur    
Milly Burnett Trophy   Eugene van Zyl floating trophy  
Simons Outsourcing Trophy   Michael Le Seur floating trophy