Clubman's 2013 awards

Sponsor's Awards


Midas 2 Sean and Dennis
Akwasol 1 Ryan and Stephen Large
G and A Promotions 1 Gunter Drotsky
Spur 1 Gavin Cerff
Belfreeze 1 Philip Booysen
DTM Renault 1 Rose Wilson
DTM Nissan 1 Rose Wilson
Goodwood Used Spares 1 Martin & Kosie Weyers
ASA Midas 1 Peter vd Poel
Executive Decisions 1 Andre Johnson
Metro Consulting 1 Junaid Slamang


Mechanic of the year Ernest Leite floating trophy
Driver of the year Byron Zimmermann floating trophy
Clubman of the year Ian Long floating trophy
Team of the year Executive decisions floating trophy
Best newcomer Micheal Le Seuer floating trophy
Best prepared car Cody Alberts floating trophy
Stirrer of the year Danie van Niekerk floating trophy
Supporter of the year Andre Zimmermann
Hard luck of the year Gavin Cerff
WPMC award Val
Chairman award Clint Rennard
Clown of the year Jakes Jacobs
Spirit of the year Taabit Aachmat floating trophy

Championship Results

Class awards
A 1 Andre Johnson
2 Brennon Green
3 Danie Van Niekerk
B 1 gary Manwarring
2 Wayne Wilson
3 Ewalt Weiland
C 1 Alex Johnson
2 Charl Opperman
3 Ernest Roos
D 1 John Craig
2 Byron Zimmermann
3 Eric Nel
E 1 Ley Fielding
2 Cody Alberts
3 Michael Le Seur
Junior Champ 3 Eric Nel
2 Byron Zimmerman
1 John Craig Jnr
Senior Champ 3 Gary Manwarring
2 Alex Johnson
1 Andre Johnson
Milly Burnett Trophy A Johnson
Simons Outsourcing Trophy A Johnson